3D printing at the Medical Library

At the Medical Library you find two 3D-printers where you can learn to print in 3D. You have full responsibility for the entire printing process, but are of course welcome to ask the library staff for advice. We don´t offer 3D-printing to order.

Workshop for 3D-printer

In order to use the printers you first need to attend a workshop to learn how they function. After the workshop you become a certified user and can book the printers for your own projects.

The workshop is

  • free of charge
  • 1 hour

Book a 3D-workshop

About the printer

Model: ZYYX
Build volume: 270x230x195 mm

  • PLA (black, white, transparent, pink, yellow, green, turquoise)
  • ABS (black, white)

Cost: You pay for the estimated plastic consumption at cost price.
Payment is made at the Information before the printing begins. Please note that the library only accepts card payments.


If you have questions, ideas or comments, please contact us by e-mail mb3d@ub.umu.se