Open Access-policy at Umeå university

From the first of January 2012 a new policy (Dnr: 500-2855-11) regarding Open Access publishing at Umeå University was implemented. It mandates that all publications shall be registered and deposited in the DiVA system.

In practice this means that:

  1. When a research publication is registered in DiVA a copy of the full text shall be included (this also applies to for example dissertations, books and articles released through external publishers). Usually this means the last manuscript / author version sent to a publisher for release.
  2. Publications published by the university shall be registered and a full copy included, regardless if the authors of the publication are tied to the university or not (for example a full proceeding from a conference published by the university).
  3. All full text copies that are deposited will be made freely available through the DiVA system, unless there are obstacles in doing so. Counted as an obstacle could be agreements with a publisher that forbids making the publication available through an institutional archive (such as DiVA).
  4. Student theses shall be registered and deposited in DiVA. If the full text should be publicly available or not is decided by each faculty or departments.

Regarding depositing full text when registering publications in DiVA

The library will take care of all control of rights (as what version of the publication that might be published in DiVA and at what point in time following the official release) and will make each individual publication available in accordance with the individual publisher’s policies.
If there are no possibility to publish a deposited full text it will still remain in the DiVA system with the purpose of having an archive of publications from the university and its authors, as well as for future possible publication.
Based on one of the most common conditions from publishers to allow open access publishing the version to be deposited in DiVA should be the final submitted and approved author version.

Regarding publications released by the university

For publications released by the university the final and public version should be deposited in DiVA. In these cases the final product and no author versions should be deposited. In addition all of the publication shall be deposited, regardless if it includes authors from other universities or research institutions.

Regarding student theses

All student theses shall be registered and deposited in DiVA. If all papers should be made publicly available in full text or not is a question for the individual faculties or departments to decide. There are no demands that theses with sensitive content should be publicly available in its entirety, but they shall be registered and deposited in DiVA.

Questions and information

Contact the e-publishing team for questions regarding registering and publishing in DiVA. Questions that requires clarification of policies or procedures are primarily taken to the Reference group for DiVA, where the faculties and library are represented.

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