Locking of DiVA posts

Från och med 2017-12-04 kommer poster i DiVA som granskats bibliografiskt och godkänts av universitetsbibliotekets personal att låsas för vidare redigering. 

From 4 December 2017, posts in DiVA, which were reviewed bibliographically and approved by the University Library staff, will be locked for further editing. A post in DiVA can be reviewed and locked for editing when all relevant bibliographic data for the publication are available (for an article such as publication year, volume, number, and pages or article ID). This is done so the library is able to guarantee the continuous quality of data in DiVA. The main reason for this change is DiVA's increased importance as a source of data for local and national evaluation and resource allocation systems.

Administrators in DiVA will still be able to edit reviewed posts if needed. Each department should previously have appointed such a person.

A post not yet reviewed will still be open for editing by the person who posted it or has its Umu ID (CAS) entered in the post.

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