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Outstanding books?


Different books are hiding among the library shelves; loose paper sheets without pagination, a book written entirely without the letter e and a hymnal with ivory covers. A photo of the world's largest atlas can also be seen.

Photo contest at the Medical Library


This upcoming autumn, the Medical Library has been residing in the current premises for 10 years. We celebrate this with a photo contest on the theme "My image of the Medical Library".

New Computer Environment


Installation of new computers at UB and MB is now initiated. The new computer environment will be faster and more stable, handle audio/video better and provide a private space for storing documents. Students and staff at Umeå University have access to the new environment with their CAS account.

The Library opens on Arts Campus


Overlooking the river, Umeå University Library opens up the new special branch library on Arts Campus.

New Databases and Journals 2012


SciFinder, The Literary Encyclopedia, journals from IOS Press and The Royal Society of Chemistry are a few of the library resources which are new as of this year.

Mathematics at the Library


During the Mathematics Biennial 26-27 January, UB will initiate an exhibition related to mathematics and in Learning Space UB various lectures in mathematics will be held for 2 days.

73 000 e-books now available for downloading


E-books purchased by the library from Ebrary are now possible to download as PDFs with DRM protection and are consequently available for offline reading.

The University Library Christmas Exhibition 2011


This year's version of the Christmas Exhibition features, among other things, books about Christmas, children's books, cookbooks, some scholarly books. The exhibition ends on the 20th of January, 2012.

Scopus reference and citation database


The library is now purchasing access to the reference and citation database Scopus. This database has a very broad coverage within all subject areas.

Hone your presentation skills


UB Presentation Studio is the name of the recording lab which will open on Thursday Oct. 27, in which both students as well as staff at Umeå University are given the opportunity to practice their oral presentations.