About the Library

Umeå University Library (UmUB) is the largest academic research library in northern Sweden. Our target groups are mainly students and researchers at Umeå University, but we are open to the public as well.

The library comprises the University Library (UB), Centre for Educational Development (UPL), the Medical Library (MB) at the Norrland University Hospital (NUS) and UB Arts Campus. Library Stats Umeå University Library has received several donations over the years, e.g. those from Sigurd Curman and Olof Östergren, and has through Stiftelsen Seth M. Kempe minnesfond been able to receive parts of book collections belonging to e.g. Nils Ahnlund, Björn Collinder, Eli Heckscher and Gustaf Hellström. The Archives and Special Collections is housing the archive of the author Sara Lidman.


UmUB originates from "Vetenskapliga biblioteket i Umeå" (the Scientific Library in Umeå) which was established at Umeå stadsbibliotek (Umeå City Library) in 1950. In 1958, when goverment decided to establish a medical college in Umeå, a medical libray was created as well, leading to an enhancement of the activities at Vetenskapliga biblioteket. In 1965, when Umeå University was ceremoniously inaugurated, its library had already existed for one year. The first library director at UmUB was Paul Sjögren. There were immediate plans to set up a new library building on Campus. The constructions were initiated in spring 1967, and in 1968 the university library main building was finished and located in the heart of Campus. The circulation desk opened December 2 the same year,  the Research Hall a few days later and the textbook reading room opened March 3, 1969. At the time the library building attracted attention for its interior and open access system. Since then several reconstructions and additions have been made to UmUB, the latest in 2006. A new building for the Medical Library was built in the autumn of 2002.