Circulation Policies, Rules of Conduct and other information

Circulation Policies and Fees - UB Örnsköldsvik

1. Circulation Policies - general
2. Library Card
3. Loan of materials owned by the library
4. Interlibrary Loan
5. Patron Obligations
6. Recalls and Fines
7. Violation of the Circulation Policies
8. Copying
9. Use of Umeå University Library's Computers
10. Secrecy Law
11. Rules of Conduct


1 Circulation Policies -general

The Umeå University Library, the Medical Library and the University Library, Arts Campus (UmUB) are central resources which shall fulfill the need of providing qualified information for the university's students, instructors, researchers and other employees as well as for the personnel of the Västerbotten County Council. The collections are open to the public.

These circulation policies apply for all material borrowed from UmUB. By using a library card issued by the UmUB, a binding agreement is made to follow these rules.

These circulation policies can be changed and such changes will be in effect from the date given in the new policy document. For the current rules in effect see UmUB´s circulation policies.

2 Library Card

A library card issued by UmUB shall be used for all materials borrowed, renewed, reserved and requested by interlibrary loan. A library card is issued by personally visiting one of the libraries at Umeå University. The borrower shall provide photo identification as proof of identity. An application shall be filled in by using the form at the library's web site

A library card will be issued to those applicants who are 18 or older and have a Swedish social security number or the equivalent. Exceptions from age limit regulations can be made for students at Umeå university who have not yet reached the age of 18 with permission by a parent or a guardian.

Patrons are required to provide an address and a valid e-mail address and accept notifications and reminders at that e-mail address.

A library card is personal and should be considered a valuable document. It shall be carefully protected and is not to be used by others. A lost library card shall be reported at once to the UmUB, which will block its use immediately upon notification. The patron is responsible for all materials borrowed with the card until its loss has been reported to the UmUB. A lost card can be replaced for a fee. For the current price list please see Library Fees.

3 Loan of materials owned by the library

The loan period for materials is specified in the library's catalog ALBUM. The due date is determined at the time of the loan. Materials can generally be renewed if they are not requested by another patron.

Loans, either to an individual or an institution, are not available for the following materials:

  • Manuscripts, archives, musical scores and vinyl records
  • Material published prior to the year 1900
  • Materials from Special collections
  • Uncataloged materials
  • Maps and photographs
  • Materials from the reference and bibliography collections
  • Microfilm and microfiche
  • Journals
  • Daily newspapers
  • Interlibrary loan materials where the library lending the material has specified that the materials are for in library use only.

Materials which are not allowed to be checked out can be used as a reading room loan according to rules specified by UmUB.

The number of items which may be borrowed by a patron can be limited by decision of the Head of Customer Services.

4 Interlibrary Loan

Patrons can request material on interlibrary loan if the material is not owned by another public library in Umeå. A patron shall always provide their library card number and e-mail address on the interlibrary loan application. The library will always consider purchasing requested materials.

UmUB shall decide which materials may be borrowed by interlibrary loans.

Interlibrary loan of books from libraries within the Nordic countries is free, while for materials borrowed from other countries a fee is charged. For the current price list please see the Price List for Interlibrary Loans.

For interlibrary loan materials the rules of the library or archives sending the material apply.

Interlibrary loan from UmUB's collections shall be provided to both Swedish and foreign libraries. Except for the exclusions under point 3.2 the following shall apply:

  • Materials from the Textbook Collection will only be loaned to libraries and Learning Centers in the counties of Norrbotten, Västerbotten, Västernorrland and Jämtland, as well as to libraries where the patron is a distance student at Umeå University.
  • Materials published until 1920 can only be loaned to Nordic libraries and for in library use only.
  • Fiction in Swedish are not loaned to Swedish libraries.

UmUB shall decide which materials may be borrowed by interlibrary loan.

5 Patron Obligations

By accepting a library card, the patron agrees to follow these rules which apply at the time of it being issued, as well as all changes that are made after the library card is issued. The patron is responsible for keeping informed of the current circulation policies.

The patron is responsible for noting the due date of all materials borrowed. The patron is responsible for all materials until such materials are returned and checked in again. At the time of return, the patron has the right to request a receipt for materials which are returned. In case of disagreement the receipt must be produced.

The patron is obligated to return all items by the due date. Items can be recalled before the due date if special conditions exist.

The patron agrees to treat borrowed library materials with care and to return them in undamaged condition.

The patron is required to notify the library of all changes of address. This also applies to e-mail addresses.

6 Recalls and Fines

Patrons who do not return materials after they have been recalled are required to pay a fine and return or pay to replace the material. Patrons will have their borrowing privileges revoked until the material is returned and fines are paid in full. If the material in question is from the textbook collection, the borrowing privileges will be revoked for an additional six (6) weeks following the return of the item and payment of all fines

If an interlibrary loan item is not returned on time and a fine is charged by the lending library, the patron will be invoiced for this charge.

Patrons who damage or lose library materials either those owned by UmUB or borrowed from another library will be required to pay for the damages and/or replacement costs for the material.

Patrons should inspect the condition of materials at the time they are checked out. At the patron's request the library shall note such damage that is discovered by the patron.

If materials damaged by the patron need to be repaired or replaced, the patron is required to pay for the repair or, at the discretion of the library, the replacement of the item. The library shall determine the value of lost or damaged materials. The library considers making and underlining in library materials to be damage.

All repairs to library materials shall be made by the library.

As a part of the replacement cost, the library will charge a standard fee to cover their costs in replacing the lost or damaged item. If a single volume of a multivolume work is lost or damaged and that volume cannot be purchased separately, then the cost of replacing the entire multivolume work will be charged the patron. This also applies to CD's, computer disks and other materials that complement the printed work. For a current pricelist please see the Library Fees.

Even if a patron has paid to repair or replace an item the damaged or lost item is still the property of the library.

7 Violation of the Circulation Policies

Patrons who do not follow the circulation policies will have their borrowing privileges revoked by the Head of Customer Services. Patrons have the right to appeal decisions made on the basis of these circulation policies to the Library Director.

8 Copying

UmUB's photocopiers are only to be used for copying library materials. Copying is only allowed for private use and educational purposes. In the latter case special rules apply ("BONUS-agreement")

Current copyright rules shall be followed when copying library materials (SFS 1960:729).

9 Use UmUB's Computers

The Library's computers belong to the Umeå University computer network. All computer use is governed by the Regulations for the Use of Umeå University's IT resources.

10 Secrecy Law

The work of the library regarding information about items borrowed, reserved or otherwise ordered by an individual is covered by the Secrecy law in the 9th chapter 22 § sekretesslagen (SFS1989:713).

In the work of the library, personal information about a patron can be collected. Such information will be treated according to the current provisions of the Personal Information Act, PUL (SFS1998:204). 

11 Rules of Conduct

UmUB is a workplace for many various categories: students, researchers, teachers and other employees including library staff. The purpose of the rules of conduct is to create a work environment agreeable to all of us. The rules of conduct concern the conditions at Umeå University Library, the Medical Library and the University Library, Arts Campus.

As a library visitor/user you agree to abide by the following rules:

  • Parts of the library marked with the sign "Tyst läsesal" ("Quiet Reading Room") are intended for reading and private studies. Those areas must be totally silent. In other parts of the library group study work, computer work and conversation is allowed.
  • Discrete cell phone conversation is allowed if ringtones are muted. In the areas marked with "Tyst läsesal" signs, cell phones are to be shut off. Please avoid cell phone conversation when standing in line at one of the service desks or discussing with library staff.
  • Books you have used but not borrowed should be put back on the shelf or on the carrels we have provided for the purpose.
  • Furniture, other inventory and equipment are to be handled with care. With the exception of Learning Space, furniture must remain in its place at all times.
  • Having a full meal on the library premises is not allowed, whereas fruits, candy and beverages are allowed within the library, granted that you throw mugs or other trash in the trash cans provided when you leave your workplace. No food or beverages are allowed in the stack rooms of the main library or in the supervised reading room at the Research Archives.
  • Roller blades, skateboards etc. are not allowed on the library premises.

What happens if I break the rules?

Violation of the library rules of conduct and disturbance of the activities in the library may lead to revocation of library privileges, including the right to visit the library buildings and grounds in accordance with § 1, chapter 10, item 3 of the Higher Education Ordinance (högskoleförordningen.)

Rules of conduct adopted by the Library Director December 1, 2011.