What is a Scholarly Article?

Research is often being published in scholarly articles. Dissertations, books (monographs or chapters in books), conference proceedings and working papers/reports also present research.

How do I assess the scholarliness of an article?

  • The article is written by a researcher working at a university/equivalent
  • The article is reviewed by other researchers within the same subject/discipline. A process known as peer review.
  • The article is published in a scholarly (academic/scientific) journal.
  • The intended audience is academic and the language is advanced. The article contains a reference list.

How do I assess if a journal is scholarly

The best method to evaluate the scholarliness of a journal is to read the journal's web page. Information about journals are also provided through the database Ulrichsweb.
Ulrichs web The term “Refereed” refers to journals which use the peer-review process.

Scholarly journals might contain non-scholarly material

Be aware that not every article in a scholarly (academic, scientific) journal has to be scholarly. Academic journals often contain editorials, book reviews, conference news, research news and similar material which are not considered scholarly