Printing from a private computer

  1. Sign in, using your UmU card identity (Umu-id user name and four digit PIN code) to the UmU Printer Portal.
  2. After signing in, you will see this page where you upload the documents you wish to print:

    User area in Copyprint
  3. Click "Upload a new document or image".
  4. When you have uploaded the document you wish to print, this pop up will appear. If given a choice, choose ”UmU_copyprint” as printer.

    Print with Copyprint
  5. Choose your settings and click "Print". Your document is now added to your print queue.
  6. Go to to any public printer that is connected to the UmU card system and login (either with UmU card or Umu-id + PIN). Print the documents of your choice, listed in your print queue.