Rules and Usage

Who may use the 3D printers?

  • Everyone who is 18 years or older is welcome to use the 3D printers after attending a workshop.

When can the 3D printers be used?

  • The 3D printers are available when the Medical Library is open.
  • Prints that exceed the booked time may be interrupted by staff or by the person with the next scheduled time.

Usage and security:

  • all handling of the 3D-printers is at your own risk
  • the safety regulations that are included in the workshop must be followed
  • you may not print objects that are aimed at hurting others or otherwise are illegal
  • you may not touch anything inside the printer during heating, printing or cooling
  • the cap should be in place and the covers should be closed to minimize noise and odour during printing
  • before leaving the workplace, your printout must be removed, the building plate wiped and the work area cleaned
  • you are responsible for the complete printing process with start of print, that the print is progressing normally, and that it is finished within the scheduled time.


  • The price is 740 SEK/kg for PLA or ABS filament.
  • The cost is based on the plastic usage estimated by the printer software.
  • Payment is made in advance with debit or credit card at the information desk.
  • No refund will be made even if you find that the printout is unsuccessful.

Feel free to

  • send us photos of your prints so that we can use them to spread information about the 3D-printers
  • use the hash tag #mb3dcorner if you publish your photos on social media
  • tell your friends that the workshop is open to everyone
  • ask questions or make suggestions to us at the information desk or via