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We offer education in information searching, reference management, bibliometrics, archives, special collections, open access and e-publishing for PhD-students.We are cooperating with faculties at the university and features similar to the ones mentioned above are part of their courses

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Write grow glow: A workshop series for PhD students

A Research-support workshop series for PhD students in Science, Technology and Engineering. 

Please note that we felt that we had to change the name of our series so that it could not be mixed up with another course named "Developing as a PhD researcher" (Att utvecklas till forskare).

The workshop covers three main domains: Research competence, Language support, and Information Literacy, and is organised in the form of workshops, following Active learning and Participatory approach in order to enhance research support, critical thinking, and collaborative learning.

Syllabus can be found hereThis workshop is recommended for PhD students in Science, Technology and Engineering in their first or second year of their programme.
There are 12 places on the workshop. Please contact Helen Hed if you are interested in taking the workshop.

The workshop will be given if more than 5 people sign up.

Participants will recieve a certificate at the end of the workshop.
(See syllabus for details.)

Write grow glow: A workshop series for PhD students

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