Information searching for students

Are your students having tasks that involve information searching? We offer education at three different levels. The education is designed in cooperation with you and tailored for your subject and your students. Request education

1. Introduction to the library

  • Borrow/download textbooks
  • Request borrowed books
  • Find material in the library and on our website

Time and cost : 1 h. Free of charge

2. Basic course in information searching

  • How to formulate a search query
  • Basic search techniques and search strategies
  • Relevant sources for the subject;  databases and other sources
  • Introduction to how to evaluate sources – compare, scrutinize and assess different sources

Time and cost: 1-2 h lecture + 1-2 h workshop. 864 kr/h

3. Advanced course in information searching

  • Advanced information searching in databases and other sources
  • Provide knowledge of how scholarly information is organized
  • Reference management (Endnote web, Mendeley, Zotero)
  • Search alerts in different databases

Time and cost: 2-3 h lecture+ 1-2 h workshop. 864 kr/h

One lecture hour includes payment for the following: one hour delivery at 576 kr/hour plus 30 minutes “Associated Working Time” at 576 kr/hour which means that a one hour lecture costs 864 kr/hour.