Write Grow Glow: An introductory workshop series for PhD students


Adopting an academic literacies model (Lea & Street, 1998, 2006) as the framework for the workshop’s underlying principles, its design and instruction, we propose that literacy in a university setting and especially at doctoral level can be understood not only as the individual, transferable cognitive skills of writing and reading. Rather, it is an interrelated, dynamic, and situated set of knowledge, skills, and personal attributes that support PhD students to acculturate themselves into their disciplinary discourses, as well as the academic community and wider social contexts.

Workshop Series Structure:

Workshop 1: Mastering the maze of an article: Critical reading and extracting content

Workshop 2: Down the rabbithole: Working with the literature review

Workshop 3: Extracting the cream from the milk: Writing an abstract

Workshop 4: Through the eyes of others: Communicating your research

Workshop 5: Eating the elephant one bite at a time: Writing the first article

Syllabus of the workshop series

Feedback from previous workshops

"Inspiring and interesting"

"Rich discussions, feedback and fruitful group work"

"Relevant to the topics that we, as researchers, are struggling with"

“The workshops are extremely useful.”

“I really enjoyed this session. Inspired to continue with the Literature Review!”

“I did enjoy the open conversational atmosphere and your appreciative way to handle contributions of the workshop participants.”

“Would like more workshops and discussions like this”