Granlund Collection

Jacob Niclas Granlund was born in 1818 in the parish of Piteå. He was an associate professor in Mathematics at Uppsala University and was lecturer at Lund University until his death in 1859.

Granlund's library was first donated to Piteå's Secondary School, and then to Umeå University Library in 1972.

The book collection consists of approximately 1,000 volumes, most printed during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Several of the books are from the 16th century. Half of the collection consists of literature about mathematics. Other large subject groups include authors from the antiquity period, science, history, philosophy and religion.

A catalog of the book collection was compiled by Hans Lindahl as his undergraduate thesis in the History of Science and Ideas in 1975.

The books are available for in-library use only.