The Older Alphabetical Catalog

The older alphabetical catalog is the original card catalog of the university library and contains records of materials not to be found in the Library search tool, comprising data on foreign materials in the library, prior to 1975. The corresponding items are not shelved together in one collection only, but placed in open access collections as well as in closed stacks, depending upon the character of the items. Search the older alphabetical catalog


  • To request an item found in the old alphabetical card catalog please click the button Request on the search page.
  • The request form is displayed. Compulsory fields to fill in are marked with an asterisk.
  • Volume/number must be filled in when requesting separate volumes of multi-volume publications or periodicals. Please note you have to repeat the request if the volumes wanted are not in sequence. E.g. for the annual volumes 1927, 1933 and 1942 of the same journal, you need to make three separate requests. If you, however, want the volumes 1927-1930, one request is sufficient.
  • Edition has to be filled in if the catalog image for the requested item specifies various editions.
  • After clicking the OK button, the request lands in the Request basket on the Search page. If needed, the request may be edited by clicking on the linked image ID number. When you have finished filling in requests for all the works wanted, you need to click on the Send request (The button Print is used if you want print outs of the catalog images of the requests made.)

Borrowing rules for home loans

  • In general most circulating books printed later than 1900 may be borrowed for 30 days. Some of the older books may need to be cataloged prior to circulation.
  • Swedish original fiction, reference books and works printed before 1900 do not circulate. Exceptions from home loan can also be made due to the condition or format of the work.

Collection and process time

  • Once you have sent your request, all handling is done manually. You will not be notified whether the requested item is available or not and the loan status is not ?visible? online until you collect the item. All loans need to be signed for when collected. Requested materials are collected from the stacks every hour.
  • If available, requested materials may be picked up in the Library Lending Hall as of 10 AM the day after your request.
  • Please note that no requests are processed during evenings or weekends.

Search Help

  • The catalog is arranged alphabetically according to author name, if existing, otherwise according to title or institution. Works lacking a specified author or having more than three authors, need to be searched by title. Periodicals are mainly searched by publishing institution. If a specified author exists it is not possible to search the work by title - you need to flip through all of the author's works.
  • No combination searches are possible, no subject searches either.
  • Titles are to be searched by the first noun in the nominative derived from the title of the work: e.g. search for Adress-calender to retrieve Stockholms adress-calender.
  • Every 10th spread of the catalog pages (with a few exceptions) is indexed. The item being searched for, may be located somewhere in between these index points in the catalog. E.g. a search for ?Gabrielsson, Håkan? will not indicate any direct hit, but will show up when browsing from the index point closest to the searched name.
  • Browse back and forth by using the buttons at the top of the response page.

Sorting - things to consider when browsing

  • Danish/Norwegian ae needs to be searched as ä, Danish/Norwegian aa as å and German oe as ö (Goethe)
  • Numbers in titles are to be read as letters instead of numerals (18 = aderton )
  • In a main entry (author or title entry), comprising several titles, the sorting is strictly alphabetical. Under Viktor Rydberg the book "Den siste atenaren" is sorted before "Singoalla". This strict alphabetical sorting principle also implies that under the entry "Journal" , The British journal and British journal are not sorted together.
  • Differences in spelling are in general reflected in the index list. Titles beginning with Hvad and Vad respectively are not sorted together, nor is Bref and Brev.
  • For practical reasons however, the entries Beskrifning and Beskrivning are sorted together, as well as surnames ending in -son with one or two s and the qu, qv and qw in surnames ending in -qvist". Changing practice over the years makes it hard to give any exact rules - trial and error is what applies.