Off-Campus Access

Students and Employees

For access to databases, journals and e-books login with your Umu-id username and password.

password: XXXXXXXX

Log in

Google, Cambro or SELMA

If you are off campus and have not come via the library's journals or databases, but e.g. have googled for a journal,  have a reference list with links or clicked on a link i Cambro or SELMA you can use the library proxy bookmarklet for easy access to articles and journals.

  1. Add the link below as a bookmark in your browser by dragging it to the bookmark field:
    UmUB ProxyUmUB Proxy
  2. After having done so you may click "UmUB Proxy" whenever you encounter a link to an article lacking proxy. You will then be prompted to log in with your Umu-id.

This function adds "" before the url. Example:
becomes This link automatically gives the the Umu-id login page.

Free resources does not require login.

Access from other campuses

Eduroam gives direct access to the library e-resources from most Swedish campuses and also from some European.
Eduroam information (in Swedish)


Please contact Servicedesk if you experience problems with your Umu-id. Servicedesk