Digital Maps (GET)

Geodata Extraction Tool (GET)

Teachers / researchers and students at Swedish universities can make use of this service. When using a PC connected to the Umeå University Network the link below takes you directly to GET.
(Computers not connected to the network or outside UmU's fixed network works as before - you select university and log in using your Umu-id.)Geodata Extraction Tool (GET)


  • Property map's topography
  • Elevation data
  • Laser Data
  • Map of place names
  • Orthoimagery
  • Topographical Map
  • Vegetation Map
  • Road Map
  • The overview map

Image files are in the GeoTIFF format and should be opened in a GIS program for proper viewing. Display directly in the browser may give false images.


Order the map data you need using the tool (GET) you will receive an email notification when the file is available for download. The process can take up to an hour, depending on file size.


Users at Umeå University shall, when using maps from this source, at each figure containing map from the National Land Survey add the information © Lantmäteriet / National Land Survey [i2012 / 893].


For support questions related to mapping functionality of the service, contact: