Our collection of maps, atlases, books on cartography etc, is mainly located next to the Research Archive on the Balcony above The Study Hall. More maps and map-related materials are found in other parts of the library. To find the location of any item, please use the Library Search Tool.

Through our website, you also get the opportunity to access and use a number of digital maps, including the National Land Survey digital maps.
New - now includes real estate information in the digital property map (GET).

The collection of map sheets essentially covers Sweden. In addition to Maps from the General Staff and the National Land Survey map sheets, there is also maps from the Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU) and the associated collection of reports.

Copying of map sheets

All map sheets are considered to be fragile. We recommend that you ask for help with copying rather than borrowing map sheets. Also check if the corresponding map sheets are available in electronic form before you borrow. We can help you.

Search maps at the Library

In addition to the material contained in the map collection, there are more to be found in other collections at the Library. Use the Library Search Tool to search for these materials. Map showing location of Map Collection The Library Search Tool