E-books can be found through searching the Library Search Tool and refine your search to Ebooks in the facet Resource Types. Library Search Tool

Ebook Central (formerly Ebrary)

Ebook Central has more than 140.000 e-books (Jan 2017) in different subjects. Reading can be done online in the web browser or by downloading single chapters or the whole book. It is also possible to read Ebook Central books with apps supporting Adobe DRM.

With one user license it's only possible to read the book online. With three users license it's possible to download two of the copies but at least one copy is always accessible online.

Go to Ebook Central Downloading from Ebook Central

Don't forget that some publishers still don't allow downloading. Print is restricted to 40 pages, but varies from publisher to publisher. Publishers not allowing downloading


Dawsonera books can be read online or downloaded and read with Adobe Reader both on computer, tablet and smartphone. When reading online the user can make notes, print some pages, how much depends on the publisher. To read Dawsonera ebooks on tablet or smartphone you need the Adobe Reader app.

5% of the book online can be printed. In offline books print or copying are not possible. You need to register an account to be able to print.

Books from publisher Pearson are only available for online reading.

Go to Dawsonera A step by step-guide to download from Dawsonera

Science Direct

E-books from ScienceDirect can be read online and downloaded chapter for chapter as DRM free PDF. It's also possible to send a chapter by email. You can print and copy according to Swedish copyright laws. Science Direct


E-books from Springer can be read online or downloaded as DRM free PDF, in total or chapter by chapter. You can print and copy according to Swedish copyright laws. Go to Springer

Access Medicine

E-books from AccessMedicine are accessed as webpages and could not be read offline. There is an option to mail a link to single chapters and afterwards read without university login but still online. The link is accessible for three days. To do that you need to set up an account. For printing it's possible to do one page at the time. Go to Access Medicine

EBSCO ebooks

The ebooks from EBSCO (from old NetLibrary agreement) just allows one unique user for each book and are shared by 8 libraries. If the user is unactive (browsing, or searching) it will be free to use by other users within 15 minutes. If the book is used by another user you can ask for e-mail notification when available.

It's possible to print one page at a time and also a limited number of pages. Go to EBSCO ebooks

Oxford Scholarship

Oxford Scholarship Online offers full-text access to academic monographs from disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, science, medicine, and law.

Oxford Scholarship

Oxford Medicine Online

We have 49 e-book titles in the subject of medicine. Reading can be done with a web browser or by downloading some chapters as DRM-free PDF:s.

Oxford Medicine Online.