Umeå University Library has a number of collections of great cultural and historical value. A majority of these works are not catalogued in the Library search tool and are therefore not available to many of our users.Browse through scanned books

Digital access has almost become the norm for a large section of scholarly publication (journals, e-books, dissertations, et c). The demand for easy access to literature through digitalisation will be even bigger in the future. Digitalisation is a way to both preserve and make old and/or rare books more available to a larger audience.

Umeå UB has now begun a project to digtize old literature.

Criteria for selection

  • Texts that deal with subjects with connections to Norrland, for example travelogues, Kongl Majts regulations concerning conditions in Norrland (Northen Sweden)
  • Old material that is frequently requested
  • Fragile publications


In 2002 a project was started with the aim to identify options on how to make some old card catalogues covering some of the special collections searchable. The swedish company, Devo IT, in Karlstad, has provided the software solution we needed. Today both the card catalogue to the Östergren collection and the old alphabetical catalogue have been scanned and can now be searched. At the end of 2004 it was decided that RaRa was to be followed by RaRa II. This new project was to be centered on scanning books and documents to make them available online.