Digitised material

Umeå University Library is engaged in extensive digitisation activities, including material from the special collections.

Rare books

Almost 800 books from our special collections has been digitised. It is books from the 15th century and forward containing for example travelogues, cookery books, mathematics and so forth. More books will be added.Rare books

Ebooks on demand (EoD)

All books printed before 1920 can be ordered as a digitised copy (pdf-format) if the digitisation can be done without harming the book. This service is a part of the European service eBooks-on-demand (EOD) and for employees at Umeå University it´s for free. All books will then be published in LIBRIS.
Ebooks on demand

Older laws and regulations

A significant part of the main sources for the older government announcements (the so–called “Årstrycket”) has been digitised by Umeå University Library. More than 30 000 pages of regulations, statutes, decrees, parliamentary decisions, etc. has been digitised.Older laws and regulations

Public announcements

Umeå University Library has digitised the public announcements of Västerbotten County for the years 1896-1925. Through the announcements, it is possible to follow the emergence of modern society at the provincial level.Public announcements of Västerbotten County

Archives and manuscripts

Umeå University Library is responible for the manuscript collection of the University, some of these are digitised.
Digitised archive material (only in Swedish)


The University Library is digitising older theses (1958-2003) and reports from Umeå University.