Research data

As of January 2018 Umeå University and six other universities form a national university consortium for research data. The consortium runs the Swedish National Data Service (SND). Collaboration Portal – Swedish National Data Service 

Data repositories 

Swedish National Data ServiceA Swedish repository open to researchers from all disciplines ZenodoA European repository open to all researchers
Re3dataA register where you can search for a suitable data repository for your data 

Data management plan requirements 

Funding organisations often require you to make a data management plan. You can find brief information about and links to funders’ conditions for open access publication, including requirements and guidelines for research data management, in the SHERPA Juliet database. SHERPA JulietChecklist for Data Management Plan - Swedish National Data Service 

Citing research data

Data sets should be easy to cite and a good idea is therefore to have a permanent identifier allocated to them, such as a DOI or a urn:nbn. Cite your data – DataCite How to cite datasets and link to publications – Digital Curation Centre (DCC)