Posting of Doctoral Theses

Before your public defence, you must make your thesis publically available through a process called posting. Doctoral theses must be posted at least three weeks before the public defence. 

Electronic posting 

As of January 1 2010, electronic posting of doctoral theses is required at Umeå University. Publication in the university publication database DiVA counts as the formal posting of your thesis. 

Book a time for posting

A booking for your thesis posting should be made around the time that you submit your request for public defence, in good time before you wish to do your posting. The posting must be booked with the library as we are required to review your registration before publication. Book a time for postingDuring weekends, summer holidays and the Christmas season you will not be able to post your doctoral thesis.

Autumn term 2019
15 August: The first possible date to post
20 December: The last possible date to post 

Spring term 2020
9 January: The first possible date to post
25 May: The last possible date to post

Post your thesis by registering it in DiVA

You post your thesis by registering it in DiVA. The registration should be carried out at least two working days before your posting date. 

Remember to upload the full text of your thesis as a PDF, the same version that you are sending to the University Printing Service for printing. Your posting sheet should be uploaded as a separate PDF.

Please follow the instructions in our online guides to register your thesis or compilation thesis. Instructions for registering in DiVA Register your thesis in DiVA

The library will review your registration before publication

The library will review your thesis registration and set the time for publication. Your thesis will be published on your posting date. 

Please note that even if you register your thesis far in advance, it will not be published and visible in DiVA until your posting date.

Posting ceremony, no longer mandatory – but festive

Posting one’s thesis meant to actually nail it on a wall. Though this is no longer mandatory, most doctoral students still choose to hold a posting ceremony to celebrate. 
Library staff are in charge of the ceremony which is held in the Study Hall at the University Library.