On this and following pages you will find essential information and instructions regarding the public posting, publication and delivery of your dissertation/thesis.  

Doctoral thesis posting

At Umeå University, electronic publication counts as the formal posting of your thesis. Please follow the instructions provided on our Posting page. Posting at Umeå University

Request an ISBN

All theses must have an ISBN and the number should be stated in your thesis. You should request your ISBN in good time before your thesis is to be printed.

ISSN are handled by the faculty or department publishing the series. Contact the administrator at the publishing faculty/department to get the ISSN and serial number. Request ISBN More information on ISBN and ISSN

Mandatory delivery of printed thesis to the library

You are required to hand in three printed copies of your thesis to the library - each with posting sheet included - on your posting date. 
If you have a posting ceremony, this means you will need to bring four copies in total. 
Leave the three copies with library staff at your posting ceremony or at the Library Information Desk. You may also deliver them in advance, ask someone to hand them in for you or send them via post.