Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I borrow a book?

Books are borrowed via our self-service machines. Use your Umu card/library card, Umu ID or social security number. The four-digit PIN number you have chosen must always be entered. 

Students and University employees

For students and Umeå University employees the Umu card is used as the library card. The card entitles you to check out materials from the University Library, the Medical Library and UB Arts Campus.Apply for the Umu cardCirculation Policies

General public

To be able to borrow printed books and other materials, it is necessary to have a library account. A library card will be issued to those who are 18 years or older. Fill out the registration form and bring a photo identification to one of our information desks to receive your library card. The library card entitles you to check out materials from the University Library, the Medical Library and UB Arts Campus.Apply for a library cardCirculation Policies

How long can I borrow a book for?

The loan period for textbooks is 14 days. The loan period for other literature is 30 days. Books with no hold requests will automatically be renewed 2 days before the due date. By signing in to the Library Search Tool you will be able to see your current loans, their due dates and renew loans by yourself. Select My Account to find this information.Sign in to the Library Search Tool

Interlibrary loans

The loan period for interlibrary loans is generally one year but can be cut short if the lending library needs the book back for any reason. About interlibrary loans

Where can I return books?

Return your loans in our return units in the University Library (UB), in the return shelf at the Medical Library (MB) or via the self-service machine at UB Arts Campus. A receipt is issued on return.

When the Library is closed you may return your books in book drops located at:

  • the Social Sciences Building entrance facing the Humanities Building;
  • the Medical Library entrance or by the Betula Lecture Hall;
  • the UB Arts Campus entrance.

What happens if a book is overdue, lost or damaged?

If the loan period expires, you will be suspended from checking out new books until the overdue items are returned. For textbooks, you will also be suspended an additional 6 weeks after their return. You may still renew current loans. 

If you receive an invoice for books before you return them, you will still need to pay an administrative fee for each book. Library Circulation Policies

Lost and damaged books

You are required to pay repair or replacement costs. Never try to tape or glue a damaged book yourself! The Library Bindery is responsible for all repairs. 

Marginal notes and underlining in books are considered as damage. Fees

How do I find books, articles and textbooks?

With the library search tool you are able to search among books, articles and journals. The results screen will tell you the location, call number, and whether or not the book is available on the shelf. It is possible for you to make a reservation if the book is unavailable. The Library Search Tool


The Library textbook collection holds required textbooks for programmes and courses at Umeå University. There is at least one copy available for check out and one reference copy for reading in the Library. Some textbooks are also available electronically. Textbooks

Electronic material

Students and University employees can access our electronic material with their Umu-id. If you do not have a Umu ID, you can use one of the library computers for access.

Articles and journals

To search for articles within a specific subject area, click Articles and Databases and then select a suitable database for your subject. If you would like to go directly to a specific journal, search for its title via Journals. Articles and DatabasesJournals

How do I access the library computers?

Students and University employees log in to the library computers via their Umu ID from the icon Other user. If you are not a student or employee you select the icon Guest.

The library computers provide access to:

  • databases,
  • electronic resources,
  • internet (restricted for guests),
  • various software.

Students and University employees may also bring their own laptops and connect to our wireless network. Login and Internet Access

Can I print, copy and scan at the Library?

It is possible to print, copy and scan at the University Library and Medical Library. If you are a student at Umeå University you use your Umu card.

If you do not have an Umu card, it is possible to scan as well as print from a public computer in the Library. You can pick up and pay for the printed copies at the Info desk.

At the Arts Campus Library it is only possible to scan. Read more about printing, scanning and copying

Can I study at the Library?

At the University Library and the Medical Library there are many reading areas available for individual study as well as group study. We offer:

  • quiet reading rooms,
  • computer work stations,
  • individual reading desks,
  • group study areas.

Group study rooms

At the University Library, the Medical Library and at Universum there are group study rooms available to book.Booking and booking information

Can I get help with my studies?

The Academic Research Centre (ARC)

The Academic Resource Centre offers The Academic Resource Centre offers support in the following areas:

  • academic writing (in Swedish and English)
  • information searching
  • citing information
  • presenting
  • study skills (e.g. critical reading and thinking, note taking, planning)

The ARC web pages provide tips and current schedule. Academic Research Centre

Resource rooms

Students who have reading and writing difficulties are entitled to have their textbooks audio recorded and have access to assistive software and technology provided by the University. The University Library can offer you access to a computer room with assistive software. At the Medical Library a laptop with the same programs is available.

Talking books are borrowed in Legimus. The resource room staff will help you with getting started and finding your textbooks. Support for reading and writing