About Interlibrary Loans

What is an interlibrary loan?

An interlibrary loan is material that is on loan from another library. Material not in the collections of Umeå University Library is normally purchased. If the requested literature is not purchased, and not in the collections of any of Umeå's other libraries (for example Umeå Public Library or The SLU Library) we can order it as an interlibrary loan from another library.

How do I request materials?

Use our web form for suggestions, interlibrary loans and photocopies and fill in as much information as possible about the requested material. If you used a database to find a reference, please state which one.Suggestions, interlibrary loans and photocopies

If you are interested in archival material or video or sound cassettes from Audiovisual Material at the National Library of Sweden, please contact Archives and Special Collections. Archives and Special Collections

What happens to my request?

Borrowing the book is free of charge, provided that we either can acquire it or borrow it from a library in the Nordic countries. Interlibrary loans from non-Nordic countries will be charged 250 SEK each. We will always contact you before making an interlibrary loan attached with a cost. When we receive the material, we will send you a message.Price list interlibrary loans

Material sent in the form of copies will be charged according to the price list. Upon arrival to the library, copies are sent directly to patrons with a university or VLL-county address. Other patrons' articles are sent to their home address. Invoices are sent separately. Price list photocopies

Who may use interlibrary loan?

Patrons may request material for research and studies on interlibrary loan.

What are the rules for interlibrary loans? 

Before you order material, you need to make sure that it is not available at Umeå University Library. Material held by the library but checked out cannot be borrowed through interlibrary loan.

The loan period is generally one year but can be cut short if the lending library needs the book back for any reason. Contact fjarrin@ub.umu.se if you have questions about extending the loan.

The lending library will decide whether the book is for use at home or if it may only be used in the library, the length of the loan period and the possibility of renewing an item. Respecting this is important so that our cooperation with other libraries can be retained. 

The lending library also decides if they will loan us the material or if they will send us copies. Most Swedish and Nordic libraries will not lend their periodicals. Usually they will only send a copy of the article or table of contents. 

If an interlibrary loan is not returned after being recalled, your borrowing privileges will be suspended until the book is returned. If the book is not returned, you will be required to pay for the item.Fees