DDC - Literature Organized by Subject Area

On January 1, 2011 UmUB changed classification system and by doing so new collections have been organized at UB and MB reflecting the Dewey Decimal Classification System, aka DDC. All scholarly literature purchased as of 2011, is placed in this new collection. The existing holdings of the library will not be incorporated in the new collection, but will retain their old location codes.


DDC is an international system, which means that published Swedish research classified in accordance with DDC will be easier to find outside Sweden. Accordingly, we can use the DDC codes to search for literature published in other countries.

One advantage with DDC is that the books are organized in greater detail according to subject. Books located next to each other will deal with similar topics. Within each DDC code the books are arranged alphabetically. Even so, the easiest way to locate a book will be by searching for it in the Library Search Tool.

The system is hierarchial. At the top level there are ten main subject areas. Below that the system branches out into more detail.

The 10 Main Classes

DDC Code Subject Area
000 Computer science, Information & General works
100 Philosophy & Psychology
200 Religion
300 Social Sciences
400 Language
500 Science
600 Technology & Medicine
700 Arts & Recreation
800 Literature
900 History & Geography

Where is the DDC Collection Located?

At UB the DDC collection is located in the Study Hall. At MB the DDC collection is located on the entrance floor. The collections are marked with a light grey color on the floor maps. Map of the Study Hall, UB Map of the entrance floor, MB