SVT features the Library's Digital Archive

At the library we continuously work with digitization of and accessibility to our collections. This has been observed e.g. by SVT (Swedish Television), which featured the library's digital archives in the TV channel Västerbottensnytt.


The feature in Västerbottensnytt describes e.g. the investment by the library in making available publications produced by researchers at Umeå University. As a result the digital archive of Umeå University DiVA ranks among the most visible archives in Europe and the world. The Umeå University research publications are more visible, are cited more often, and consequently they have higher status in the world of research.

Other digitization at the library is also included in the feature, as well as a section on our oldest printed books from the year 1477 and onwards.

Watch the SVT feature - Lättläst när latin lagras

Image: SVT