The sami language varieties now possible to search in the library search engine

After the latest update of the library search engine it’s possible to refine a search to the following Sami languages: Northern Sami, Lule Sami, Skolt Sami, Inari Sami and Southern Sami.

Make a search and refine with the language facet to the right.


It’s also possible to use advanced search and refine to the Sami languages.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to search Ume Sami, Pite Sami or Kildin Sami this far, because the Library of Congress (National Library of U.S.), responsible for the format MARC21, haven’t accepted them as languages yet. Though we are working for getting at least the first two mentioned accepted. These languages are for the present possible to search in the language facet using Sami languages.

Example of Northern Sami:
Book example of Lule Sami:
Book example of Skol Sami

Book example of Inari Sami:
Book example of Southern Sami:
Book example of Ume Sami:
Book example of Pite Sami:
Book example of Kildin Sami: