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Access to 3000 newspapers with PressReader


With the service PressReader, you will, as a student or university employee, get access to over 3000 newspapers and magazines from 110 countries.

An exhibition about Sara Lidman


This year marks 10 years since the author and social critic Sara Lidman passed away. Despite the years that have passed, she is all but forgotten today.

UmU card = library card and print/copy card


Umeå University is introducing the UmU card. It serves as library card, copy/print card and access card to the university premises for students and employees. More information about the UmU card

Journal app BrowZine now availible for iPhone


Journal app  BrowZine is now availible for  iPhone, iPad and android tablet.

New philosophical database PhilPapers


PhilPapers is a comprehensive index of philosophy books and articles.

E-journal Publishing - Support for Editorial Boards


Umeå University Library now offers the service Open Journal Systems (OJS) for editorial boards to publish their journals on the Internet.

UB Exhibition: Book Art


Welcome to an exhibition of Hungarian and Swedish Book Art at Umeå University Library, Umeå, Sweden. The artists exhibiting are members of The Hungarian Association of Book Art Makers, that was founded in 1993 in Budapest and has 29 members.

One million downloads from DiVA


More than one million downloads from DiVA (Umeå University's institutional repository for research publications and student theses) in 2013.

TAIR-The Arabidopsis Information Resource


Ny prenumeration på databasen TAIR.

Web of Science + Google scholar


Web of Science is now instantly discoverble form a Google Scholar Search. Go to Google Scholar directly from Web of Science

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