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Unique archive has landed at Umeå University Library


In competition with several American Universities, the extensive archive of author and artist Siv Cedering has been donated to Umeå University Library.

Sami Week exhibition


During Sami Week, UB traditionally offers an exhibition, this year with Sami design and architecture theme. Welcome to the exhibition which runs until March 17 in the Study Hall at UB.

Your New Search Tool at the Library


The new search tool makes it possible to search for books as well as articles at the same time. For us to be able to further develop the search tool, we would like to have your opinion, so please test the tool and tell us what you think.

Department of Learning to be instituted at Umeå University Library


In order to strengthen the professional pedagogical support for teachers and students at the University, the Vice-Chancellor has instituted the Department for Learning at the Umeå University Library as of July 1st 2013.

New databases, e-books and journals 2013


Amadeus, Emerald Ebooks, ARTbibliographies modern, IEEE Journals, EdITLiB are some of the new library recources for this year.

Swedish and International Newspapers


The new database Library PressDisplay provides a full-color and full-page collection of more than 2200 newspapers from 97 countries in 54 languages.