Rules and Usage

Who may use the 3D printers?

  • Everyone is welcome to use the 3D printers after attending a workshop

When can the 3D printers be used?

  • The 3D printers are available when the Medical Library is open
  • The printing process must be completed 15 minutes before the library closes
  • Prints that exceed the booked time may be interrupted by staff or by the person with the next scheduled time

User responsibility

  • The safety regulations that are included in the workshop as well as listed in the manual, must be followed
  • Tools are borrowed and returned in the information desk
  • Before leaving the workplace, your printout must be removed, the building plate wiped and the tools cleaned
  • You are responsible for the whole printing process. That includes the start of the printing, that the printer is running during the whole printing time, and that it is finished within the scheduled time.


  • The cost is based on the plastic usage estimated by the printer software
  • Payment is made in advance with debit or credit card in the information desk
  • The cost is SEK 740 kr/kg for PLA or ABS filament
  • No refund will be made even if you find that the printout is unsuccessful