Printing, Scanning and Copying

Students and employees

Use your UmU card to print, copy or scan. As a student you also need a PayEx account that you top up with money and connect  to your UmU card.PayEx - create account, connect to and top up the UmU card with moneyHow the UmU card functions How do I connect my UmU card to Payex?

Top up your account with money

If you already have an PayEx account connected to the UmU card:Refill your PayEx account

Printers for UmU card

  • Always save files before printning to avoid problems with the print outs
  • Send your print jobs to printer "UmU_copyprint"
  • Use printers with a sign "UmU card"

Printing from a private computer

You can upload files to the UmU printer portal and print at any UmU card printer at campus. Printing from a private computer

Price list

Price list and cost per job is presented at the UmU card printer displays.

General public

The general public can print and scan in the library. A computer in the entrance area is used for printing and the documents are sent to a printer at the Information desk.