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NB: This autumn Dawsonera is planning to migrate from DRM via Adobe Life Cycle to DRM via Adobe Content Server. During this time problems may arise with downloading books from Dawsonera. If the file is not possible to read either with Adobe Reader or with the forhtcoming recommended reader Adobe Digital Editions or Bluefire Reader, please feel free to pass us a remark.

Update 8/9: Dawsonera announces that the migration to the new technique has been postponed to Nov 1.

Update 13/10: Dawsonera announces that the migration to Adobe Digital Edition will be done Oct 31. Until then the e-books should be read with Adobe Reader, but our testings shows it's a problem to open a book in Adobe Reader at iPhone.

Update 26/10: Dawsonera announces that the migration to Adobe Digital Edition started 24/10 and will end after 31/10. From 1/11 all books will be availble in the new format.

To read books from Dawsonera you need Adobe Reader. Exists as app for smartphones and tablets also. Adobe Reader for iOS at iPhone and iPad Adobe Reader for Android Adobe Reader for Windows Phone

How to download a book from Dawsonera?

  1. Search the book from the library search engine and click Fulltext. In the window that opens click at Dawsonera.

  2. Be aware that because the link from Dawsonera is a HTTPS link, which means encrypted transport of data, when you click the link it may turn up pages or message windows connected to the web browser and its configurations, and not to the Dawsonera or Library website.
  3. When you arrive to the Dawsonera web page you must approve to the user terms and conditions by clicking the button Accept further down.

  4. When arriving to the book webpage you need to click at the symbol showing a paper with left corner folded and an arrow in it. Sometimes on iPad you need to click twice.

  5. There will be a window telling you that Adobe Reader must be used to read the book. Choose how many days you want to read the book. Of course you can download the book again after the loan period is passed. Them click the button Download.

  6. If reading the book at a stationary or portable computer (PC, Mac) you get a message in Dawsonera saying the download begins soon. Click OK. If using an iPhone or iPad you need to click the link beneath the button OK:"For iPhone and iPad users click here..."

  7. If you don't have iPhone or iPad you will probably see a window asking if you want to save the file or open it in Adobe Reader. Choose open in Adobe Reader and it will be possible to read the book then.

  8. If you clicked the link for iPhone or iPad when you use Safari in iPhone or iPad it will work as follows. You'll see a white page where in the top of the page, beneath the tabs though, there is a choice to:"Open in...". If you NOT see this option you can click with your finger on the tablet and the option will turn up for a second. Then choose:"Open in..." and afterwards choose Adobe Reader. If you don't find Adobe Reader then you may not have installed the app.

  9. Before the book opens in Adobe Reader there is a window demanding that you authenticate the book against the Dawsonera DRM server. Choose open here.

  10. If you want to read the book again at the tablet you just go to Adobe Reader. The book is there with ISBN as only identification.

If you have trouble with the downloading just report it to the E-resource team. They will help you as soon as possible. Report issues with E-resources