Test Periods


OECD iLibrary (Trial)

Testperiod: 10 Aug 2017 - 31 Oct 2017

SourceOECD is the online library of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. We have access to OECD statistical databases.

Anatomy.tv (Trial)

Testperiod: 01 Oct 2017 - 30 Nov 2017

3D anatomy database

The anatomy visuals are accompanied by three-dimensional animations that demonstrate function, biomechanics and surgical procedures.

To supplement the core three-dimensional anatomy data are clinical videos and text written by some of the world’s leading medical specialists.

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Visible body (Trial)

Testperiod: 02 Oct 2017 - 01 Dec 2017

The Visible body features a complete, searchable, online and fully interactive 3D human anatomy model, and detailed models of all body systems. Detailed, anatomically accurate, three-dimensional models of more than 1 700 anatomical structures are available, including all major organs and body systems.

Available modules are:
Human Anatomy Atlas
Muscle Premium
Skeleton Premium
Physiology Animations
Heart & Circulatory Premium

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