Circulation Policies and Fees - UB Örnsköldsvik

Libraries in Örnsköldsvik, including UB Örnsköldsvik, have similar circulation policies. Circulation Policies - Libraries in Örnsköldsvik (in Swedish)

UB Örnsköldsvik has specific regulations for interlibrary loan (ILL), overdue and non-returned items as well as reminders.

Library Card UB Örnsköldsvik

It is possible to get a Library Card at the Information Desk. A valid photo ID is required. If you are a registered patron at another library in Örnsköldsvik, your library card is valid with us as well.

Overdue and non-returned items

We charge an overdue fine of 3 SEK per day and book after its due date. If the amount owed is more than 50 SEK, your library privileges will be suspended and you will not be able to borrow or renew items until the full amount is paid.

Overdue fines and penalities are higher for reserve material: one week after the due date, your borrowing privileges will be blocked for six weeks. An additional fee of 100 SEK is added to the overdue fine.

For a lost book, a replacement fee of 300 SEK and an administrative fee of 300 SEK are charged to you. Fees can be paid at the Information desk. Only credit/debit cards are accepted.   

Courtesy notices and reminders

To receive a courtesy notice from the library, you must have a working mobile phone number or a valid and active e-mail address account. The courtesy notice is sent 2-4 days before the due date.

Reminders are sent via e-mail or regular mail. Depending on whether someone else has reserved the book or not, the reminder is sent either 1 or 7 days after the due date.

Courtesy notices and reminders are services that the library offers; however, as a borrower you are responsible for keeping track of your due dates and returning or renewing items on time.

You can register and change your mobile phone number, e-mail address and your home address on your user account either via My Pages in the UB Örnsköldsvik catalogue or by contacting a library staff member.

Interlibrary Loans

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