The University Library provides resources to book such as group study rooms, Resource Lab and 3D-printers.

We care about your privacy. That's why only you can see which reservations you may have.

Booking Group Study Rooms in Umeå

The University Library in Umeå has group study rooms at the University Library, Medical Library and in Universum. Book group study room in UmeåMore booking information

Booking Group Study Rooms in Örnsköldsvik

Book group study room in Örnsköldsvik More booking information

Booking the Resource Lab

The Resource Lab is located at the University Library. Book the Resource Lab (registered users only)More booking information

Booking 3D printers

The 3D-printers are located at the Medical Library. Book 3D printer (certified users only)More booking informationRead more about the 3D-printers at the Medical Library