The Library during Summer 2018


Summer Hours

Check the Library hours

Borrowed Books and Interlibrary Loans

We will have longer processing time for purchase suggestions between July 16 – August 6. Interlibrary loans of monographs will be closed between July 9 – Septermber 17. Photocopy requests can be made throughout the summer. From July 9 – September 23 interlibrary loans to other libraries and organizations will be closed due to change of Library Management System.Contact us with any questions regarding interlibrary loans

Academic Resource Centre

The Academic Resource Centre is closed and does not take booknings with tutors between June 21 – August 19.Academic Resource Centre

Booking of tutors

No tutors in academic writing, citing information or information searching are available for booking between June 21 – August 19.

No access to Special Collections

Between June 22 – August 12 the Special Collections are not available. Special Collections

UB Arts Campus

UB Arts Campus is closed between June 22 – August 19 and no books can be borrowed or reserved from this library during that period. Books borrowed at UB Arts Campus may be returned at the University Library.

Temporary stop of reservation on books during change of Library Management System

The Library is changing the Library Management System and will be completed this autumn. Due to this, reservations will not be possible between June 25 – September 17. This means that you can not queue on borrowed books during this period. We apologize for any issues that may arise and hope to return to regular service as soon as the new system is installed.